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Products and Services - ELECTRIC SWITCHES



Switch SC-195 More information / Switch SC-196 - More information

Switch type "accountant of laps", with drive through single auger, and contacts with construction sliding without cams, recommended for use in aggressive environments, where it needs a onstruction extremely simple but with great reliability electromechanical and low maintenance. The rotating switch accountant of laps and designed to operate in machinery or equipment,where it needs a monitoring, automation or limitation on the number of laps in the axis, and is therefore perfect for use in Bridge cranes, Gantry Cranes, Hoists, Cable reels, Doors or any equipment driven by cables, chains or gears.

Switch SC-202 - More information

Switch to drive by counterweight, also known as the "Limit of Power", for switching from one or two engines simultaneously, with contacts of action instantly and casket automatic, and may be reversible for dynamic brake, used in direct or alternating current acting directly on the circuit of force by interrupting the engine(s) in any scheme of work. Indicated for use in hoisting loads in overhead cranes, gantry cranes, hoists or other similar equipment. Due to its high level of robustness electromechanical, and especially indicated for cranes of production in steel, in courtyards of plates and coils, patios of scrap, steelworks and lamination in general.

Switch SC-208 - More information

Rotating type switch "accountant of laps/ programmable" also known as "switch enabling", "copy" or "key of cams", to operate in any type of machinery or equipment that requires a monitoring/ automation for positioning or limitation on the number of laps in the axis. Recommended for use in places where it needs a switch to high reliability and high resistance electromechanical coupled with a low maintenance. This model is ideal for use in Overhead Cranes, Gantries, shippers/ship unloaders, Cranes; Cable reels; automatic doors or any equipment triggered by cables, chains or gears.